Sunday, July 4, 2010

Not National Lampoon's European Vacation, But Darn Close

Ahhh... back from the European vacation! A few stressful situations were certainly overshadowed by having a great time seeing the sites and enjoying the traveling!

Of course, having your younger son undergo an appendectomy while you are 7,000+ miles away can be a little stressful on your psyche, but I knew he was in good hands and I just gave it over to God's control. That helped to make the last couple of days enjoyable!

My top 10 list of forgettable things:

10. traveling by bus
9. European electricity
8. European showers
7. breakfasts of hard rolls and cereal with warm milk
6. Pasta... served at every dinner (and I love pasta, but there is overkill)
5. the shoving Parisians (I was thankful for having previously played a contact sport!)
4. trying to sleep in the non-AC hotels
3. being frisked in the Rome airport
2. the stench of urine in the Paris subway stations
1. European women's bathroom "facilities" or what we in the USA call a hole in the ground (we only experienced that one time... but still FORGETTABLE)

My top ten list of unforgettable:
10. Watching the Eiffel Tower's lights come on while standing below the Tower
9. being overwhelmed by the history of the Colosseum and the Ruins
8. watching my son experience the Mediterranean Sea... the waves, the salt water, the beaches
7. the Tuscany countryside
6. Leather :)
5. Gelato :)
4. having these experiences with my son and one of my oldest friends
3. photographing these experiences
2. Monaco (wow!)
1. this new feeling of knowing I've been to a part of the world where history is so much more than the BRIEF history of our country, appreciating that history/culture and yet appreciating even more, my rights and freedoms as an American citizen. (Happy Birthday #234 USA!)

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