Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Blog Light"

If you are looking for deep thoughts in this blog, look elsewhere.

My friend is using her blogging for lengthy, introspective discussions... she's doing a fantastic job and I enjoy taking time to pause and study what she is saying... but my personal blog is my writing surface for whatever crosses my mind as I sit at the computer during a lull in my day or when I'm getting ready for bed.

I think the blog is my newest "doodle" page. The blog replaces:

the notes I wrote on notebook paper during class and then folded into some origami shape to pass along when the bell rang...

the doodling I did during college classes when the "lectures" became endless parades of sound going in one and out the other...

the "notes" I take during faculty meetings and share with my colleagues seated near me ("ask your PERSONAL questions on your OWN time!!!")

Deep thoughts are reserved for the other blog that I write. This one is "blog light". LOL!

Jake has come in and joined me at the table with his watercolors. He's painting a house. Without the ability to read/write, he uses art for expression. It's a great way for me to know what is going on inside that brain :)


Besides his baking skills, Rentel is also handy when my mind doesn't understand my computer (which is often).

Thanks to Kevin for saving my backgrounds from "The Cutest Blog on the Block".

He has my username and password... if strange blogs that don't sound like my bits of wisdom start showing up, he's hacking my pages :)