Monday, July 19, 2010

To Blog or Not To Blog...

So many thoughts... do I really want them all out there in cyberspace for all to read?

Self-editing has to occur... and I can't self-edit very well (as can be confirmed by my English-teaching colleagues who must edit my written work -- LOL!). I really need someone to pass my ideas by and that person can say "nope, you can't write that in your blog!"

So... I stick with "safe" topics that won't offend or get me in trouble with anyone. Hmm... kind of boring.

But what to write about today??? I could discuss football helmets that don't fit... or entertaining a restless 6-year-old i.v. transfusionist... or DirecTV's "service"... or the fact the dogs barked at something all night long...

Everyone needs a way to communicate their ideas/feelings/concerns/frustrations. A blog seems a peaceful way to piece everything out... and then... if you are feeling adventurous... you hit the "publish post" for all the world to see.

I was told today that it's a lot cheaper than therapy and that's certain! It also saves me from verbalizing something "from the hip" and gives me that time to "self-edit" that I so desperately need :)