Sunday, July 4, 2010


What's jetlag???

I woke up Monday in Rome at 6 am (their time), rode a bus to the Rome airport, had my carry-on searched and was frisked, boarded the jet, sat in the middle seat of the middle row in the row directly in front of the bathrooms/attendant service area (no leaning back for us!), endured that for 10 hours, landed in Chicago to experience Customs and another security check (set off the alarm with the belt I forgot I was wearing), ran to our gate, flew to KCI, retrieved our luggage, shuttled back to the Expedition, and drove home. I then showered and got myself to the hospital about 11 pm (our time).

Of course, you don't sleep in hospitals. So after only sleeping a couple of hours on the Rome-Chicago flight and a couple of hours in the chair next to Jake's hospital bed, Jake and I both made it home about noon on Tuesday.

Tuesday afternoon, Jake and I both took a three hour nap, but that's been about it. He wakes up every couple of hours to go to the potty or just to moan pitifully "my tummy hurts!" Eric took pity on me last night (Saturday) and let me sleep upstairs while he took Jake patrol.

(Another fun aspect of the appendectomy is the flushing of wound. I get to flush a saline solution into the wound openings. Apparently this is a chilly experience and Jake hates it.)

So... back to the original topic... what is jetlag? I'm still not sure. I feel like I did after I had the babies. I can't think clearly, I can't keep my mind on what I'm doing, and my eyelids droop... a lot. Sleep is a valued commodity and I can't get enough of it.

Perhaps b/c of an appendectomy and my mommy duties, I didn't experience a true sense of jetlag??? Maybe I've been experiencing it for the last 17 years :P

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