Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rentel's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Those of you who know me well know that I do not concede defeat very easily.

I concede defeat to Kevin Rentel's baking abilities.

Kevin has this INCREDIBLE chocolate chip cookie recipe. He makes the cookies and brings them in to school. There are actually audible heart palpitations among us when he whispers "I brought cookies!" (He has to whisper it b/c if the students heard him, they would storm his desk area searching for them. He can/does reward the kids with promises of baking cookies for them.)

They are like little puffs of heaven with chocolate chips delightfully distributed through them. They literally melt in your mouth like every proper chocolate chip cookie should. I got one warm from the oven tonight... fabulous!!!

(Another blog will have to be devoted to his Lemon Blossoms, aka The Cupcake Bastards, but the recipe for those can be found on Paula Deen's website. Kevin has altered it a bit. )

Once upon a time, he gave me the cookie recipe and I attempted the chocolate chip wonders. My husband, who had been previously gifted with Kevin's baking, said "Leave the baking to Kevin".

Apparently, Kevin has the magic touch with his culinary skills. :)

It's good to work with younger and talented people!!!