Saturday, July 24, 2010

"I don't want to be on 'Hoarders'!!!"

I think that was what I said today when I explained that some serious purging needed to be done in the "master bedroom".

I sacrificed... I put 12 bags/purses in the "go away" sack.

The biggest purge was makeup and lotions whose expiration dates have long passed. They were taking up valuable space and I was amazed (and thrilled!) by the space that we gained with all that removed from the shelves!

My ancestors were hoarders... my grandma... my dad... so it's only natural that I would become a hoarder, but fortunately my OCD-tendencies make it impossible for me to be comfortable in chaos. This gene bypassed me but has landed squarely in my oldest child who refuses to part with anything and has the bedroom (basement, garage, truck interior) to prove it.

Who knows what I will find in the next round of purging??? I found some pictures tonight that I was missing. I was glad to see them again. :)