Monday, July 26, 2010

Air Condtioning

We are members of an rural electric cooperative. We were eligible for a huge rebate to replace our heating/ac unit last winter, so we kissed the 20-year-old unit goodbye and thought we had eliminated our problems for a while.

Last night at 11:30, our air conditioning stopped. When the repairman arrived at 5:30 today, it took him only 10 minutes to determine that a piece of wire was to blame. It had shortened out and gotten against some other wires, causing the horrendous smell that made us think something was on fire. And apparently, we came close to having that happen!

Tyler, Jake and I were here today with no air. No a.c. makes for a very cranky mother and crankier sons!

Until 3 or 4 years ago (time is getting away from me), my workplace was UN-airconditioned. I remembered today that my favorite complaint to my principal was that "it's 9:30, my underwear is soaked through... it's time to go home!"

I would rather be cold than hot. I kept saying this in Paris as we "froze" in the sixty-degree temperatures. My theory is that you can always put more on if you're cold, but if you're hot, there is eventually a limitation to what you can remove!

The AC vent is right beside me here at the table... brrrrrrrrr.... loving it!!!

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