Monday, July 19, 2010

To Blog or Not To Blog...

So many thoughts... do I really want them all out there in cyberspace for all to read?

Self-editing has to occur... and I can't self-edit very well (as can be confirmed by my English-teaching colleagues who must edit my written work -- LOL!). I really need someone to pass my ideas by and that person can say "nope, you can't write that in your blog!"

So... I stick with "safe" topics that won't offend or get me in trouble with anyone. Hmm... kind of boring.

But what to write about today??? I could discuss football helmets that don't fit... or entertaining a restless 6-year-old i.v. transfusionist... or DirecTV's "service"... or the fact the dogs barked at something all night long...

Everyone needs a way to communicate their ideas/feelings/concerns/frustrations. A blog seems a peaceful way to piece everything out... and then... if you are feeling adventurous... you hit the "publish post" for all the world to see.

I was told today that it's a lot cheaper than therapy and that's certain! It also saves me from verbalizing something "from the hip" and gives me that time to "self-edit" that I so desperately need :)

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  1. have you thought about blogging under a different name for those 'controversial' thoughts? but then you get into the point of wanting to claim what you're saying, which is what we try to teach the kids, which is to take responsibility for your actions & their consequenses.

    another idea i use occasionally is to type an essay into Word, and then just save it like a diary. It's interesting to go back and read what you've written.