Friday, July 16, 2010


I have a co-worker (that would be Kevin Rentel) who swears Facebook is the work of the devil. Being Catholic, I'm sure he has more knowledge of the Devil and his works than this life-long Methodist, so I've got to listen to his reasoning :)

Kevin thinks nothing good comes of using FB, and after he's had to rid my computers of the viruses encountered through my FB usage, I will contend that he could be correct.


(you had to know that was coming Kev...)

I have 372 FB friends. I used FB to communicate each day's progress while Jake was hospitalized in Springfield. Some of the people who followed it...

my other son
my family, including some family I only see once a year these days
my friends in El Do
my friends from elem/high school/college days
my co-workers/friends
my former students, some of whom I had not heard from in a long time

...and all these people followed the posts and sent well-wishes and most importantly, offered prayers in Jake's behalf.

They also conveyed prayer requests at their churches in El Do and Nevada and I know the power of all these combined prayers helped heal that horrible infection. We are so grateful.

A dear friend of mine also used FB to challenge all of HER FB friends to make their daily post a get-well message to Jake. I read over 40 posts to Jake that night from people of all ages. It certainly brightened Jake's night to hear what people were wishing for him!

So... Kevin might be right that FB is the work of the devil and where the viruses are concerned, I might agree. But I also think that God is at work on FB, providing a way for people to convey needs and having those needs spiral through our community :)

(just think of what FB did for Makenzie's Google Doodle!!! :) )

Here's to careful FB usage :)


  1. So, I'm going to try to help out on this 'not talking to yourself' on here-hopefully . . .

    FB - so it might not be the wisest thing I can do for my computer's health or my time; but, I sure do love it!
    It is in instances like Jake's that the good in it really does come out because we all know it can also be a breeding ground for gossip! Not living in El Do, I would never have known anything was up with him until we got back to school.
    I wish FB was big like this when mom was sick; then, I wouldn't have spent so many minutes of the phone or texting people how the million dr appointments were going. And, people never know when to call when things get crazy; and, I never want to add any more stress onto someone's life by trying to reach them, so a quick message/update would have been great to just post the days news - just like you did!
    On a final note, I am contemplating giving my fb up, I am just finding it old news . . . IDK thoough :)

  2. Oh you can't give it up!!! at least not until school starts!!! Thanks for being my "follower"... I'm hoping to blog everyday... you will have to help hold me to that :)