Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summertime... and the sleeping in is easy...

It's summer! The weather is warm and Aunt Bee has taken off her top for a few drives when the sun starts to go down :)

I survived the most hectic week ever in my teaching career. For the first time ever, we graduated the seniors AFTER school was out. From Monday (17th) to Sunday (23rd), this is what I did:

Monday: gave the last senior finals, finalized senior grades, tore down the rest of my room and packed it all away

Tuesday: Community Service Day... Kevin and I supervised Student Council members all over Eldo while they painted, weeded, removed gunk from gutters, collected brush and removed it, etc... for senior citizens in Eldo. ALSO, was Jake's 6th birthday so we had a party with Sherri and the kids at the daycare after school. Jake and Sherri share a birthday and they have celebrated every year together since he was 2. :)

Wednesday: Graduation practice all morning... spent the afternoon making sure I had all the documentation/checks/money for the trip.

Thursday: Riding the school bus and spending another rainy day on the Senior Trip in Kansas City... a student's grandmother/guardian died while we were on the trip and the student/friends had to be taken home in one of our vehicles... sad way to end the evening...

Friday: Jake's graduation in the city park... Tyler, Trey and Luke went downtown with me and my dad and Eric's mom also attended... I went back to work and worked until 3:30... got checked out for the year :)

Saturday: attended a former student/friend's wedding in Springfield... beautiful wedding!

Sunday: Started to work about 9:30 am to prepare for the 2:00 ceremony... so hot! The ceremony was not without a few problems and was so warm... waited for seniors to come to the office until 4... some still did not show... guess they didn't want that diploma too badly :) I went to Audra's party and then came home to collapse :P

Only a few more days until Tyler and I leave for Paris!

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